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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Meet Etsy's Giftbearer

Meet Pippit Carlington of etsy's .
Pippit is the brains behind this 90 day Blog promotion and makes beautiful, thoughtful jewelry. I asked her how she chose her shop's name, and this is her insightful response.
"The name Giftbearer came from my philosophy about making the world a better place by giving something from your heart through the work. I make each of my pieces with the goal of having it connect to the wearer on a deeper level. The people who really "get" my work know what I'm talking about. I infuse each with a life of its own and they are more like living beings than mere accessories or inanimate objects. I've found that my jewelry seems to appeal to people in the healthcare field, especially nurses, and have been told that at least some of my lines may have healing properties in much the same way as animals have been shown to be therapeutic to people with various afflictions."

I am influenced by nature, Native American and other indigenous tribes, but with an added high-end elegance.
I use alot of symbols of regeneration and resilience such as trees, leaves, branches, vines, broken hearts that hatch lovely stones like a seed sprouting, and much of the jewelry I make is quite different from others out there, so despite a vast sea of other jewelry available, my work stands on its own merits and doesn't just become a blur with everything else on the market.

I have two photos of some of Pippit's beautiful work.
Hint At Something Deeper (Facetted Gemstone Necklace with Formed Copper Flowers and Fine Silver Stamen)
This photo is a close up of just a portion of the fabulous necklace's oxidized copper flowers. It is made from two-in-two chainmaille along with the flowers using copper, embellished with intense aqua facetted Apatite rondelles. You must go to her etsy shop and see all the photos of this piece. This is just a tease to the entire piece.

Fine Silver Early Budding Vine Bracelet With Chrysoprase Cabs
This one is one of my personal favorites. I love anything with a "branch/twig" type look and this one is a vine with buds. Pippit says it's one of her "bejeweled organic forms". I say it's a slice of mother earth at her best. It's a lightweight hollowform silver that she used a real vine as a base. Later she added the gem quality apple green Chrysoprase cabs as the buds. Mmmm, it's gorgeous. Please check it out as well as Giftbearers other beautiful pieces of jewelry art.