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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

90 Day Challenge Continues...Meet Elements by Dawn

Dawn Brandt, the artist behind, Elements by Dawn, is drawn to "creating pattern and texture in her pieces. Through pattern and texture, her designs take on movement, visual and tactile interest." Dawn's work covers simple shapes and lines to very finely detailed. She works to evoke emotion in her pieces. Dawn strives to perfect traditional methods of metalworking and designs as well as constantly learning new techniques. Her work shows it.

I wanted to showcase two different pieces of jewelry that I found while enjoying her etsy shop,
She has a Fine Silver and Black Leather Necklace - JOY, that I really like. It has a radiating design, with the word, JOY written in bold letters. She oxidized the fine silver, so the word and pattern really stand out. the Greek leather 18" necklace and silver clasp totally complements it. And it's so reasonably priced too, at $30.

The other item I wanted to show you is Dawn's Argentium Sterling Silver Chainmaille Earrings. Wow. I have seen such a surge of people wearing chain maille. It seems to be extremely popular right now. and these are intricate and interesting. I can just imagine the movement from all those 180 individually handmade tiny rings when you move your head. This Japanese Chain Maille pattern is definitely eye catching.

Visit Dawn and her shop at

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