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Monday, January 17, 2011

Winter Garden Flower Jewelry

Pastel Flower Garden on Really Stiff Stems

So recently I've been on a funky flower and leaf kick. I've been choosing color palettes and then spending the day working on them with the long range goal of making some jewelry for myself and then selling the other components.  

This is an example of my very light pastel mix.  Atlanta had unseasonal snow and ice, and I think looking out my studio windows at all the white, gave me the inspiration.  We usually only get about 2" a year, and we got over 8" which quickly turned to layers of thick ice and shut down the city.  Kids were out of school for over a week.

But I digress.

My pastels in this palette were fun.  I don't usually work in this combination and was enjoying gray, white, pale pinks, soft blues, lavenders and a touch of CiM's Dirty Martini green, which I love.

So now here is my hard decision..what to design with these "parts"?  I've got such minimal experience in making jewelry.  Any ideas?  Tomorrow I'll show you what I was thinking, but meanwhile, please chime in all of you experts and give me some ideas please!