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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Studio Lighting- What do you have?

Messy, but well lit table top
"H" shaped track lighting
(If only I knew how to make these two photos go side by side...)

Recently, I was asked about studio lighting.  What did I have, and did I have any recommendations.  That's a pretty broad question, as my goal with lighting is to have "a lot!"

I don't see well enough without it.

So I have included two quick snapshots I took to show my friend as to what my studio has and to show her what it offers.

I have to admit, Home Depot is one of my main sources for just about everything.  It's only 5 minutes away from my house, so that's where I go.  My husband and nephew installed track lighting from there with a lot of the little spotlights, so I could have enough lighting to not only light up the room, but give me a lot of light directly onto my table.  The track is shaped like an "H".  The long lengths of the room have tracks, so it covers my tools and glass on each side and the center, shorter bar goes over the top of my table.  I can add more little plug in lights, if I need them, but this really seems to do the trick well.

But in my conversation with my friend, she mentioned that her ceiling isn't conducive to track lighting and would probably need either table clamp-ons or table top.  So I'm asking you- my readers, who I affectionately call my "Think Tank"...what do you use that you love?  Any tricks or comments for my friend who is looking for a way to light up a dark garage and have plenty of task lighting as well.

Honestly, I'm "of that age" where lighting makes a huge difference.   I bet there are some of you readers who have great ideas to share.  It seems like we are always re-inventing the wheel, when co-operative  sharing would be so much easier.

And while I'm asking for input, if you have questions that you would like this "think tank" to address, please let me know.  I don't want to ask people for trade secrets, but a little sharing makes us all benefit.

See you tomorrow, right here,