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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Urban Oasis for New Year's

After a busy holiday and 2010 being a bit crazy, my husband and I wanted to get away, but again, didn't have much time to travel. So this year, we opted for a "stay-cation".

We decided that a local bed and breakfast would be our choice for a few nights in an area of Atlanta, that we didn't know well.

We're both very casual laid back people and some of the "period" B & B's, were a little too formal for us. Very pretty, but more my Mom's or Grandmother's cup of tea, so to speak.

I was delighted to find Urban Oasis B & B in a kind of edgy part of the city that looked like fun. The last room was available, so I quickly booked it. This photo was taken from part of the upper balcony area.

It is a jumble of colors, textures and light hearted art that directly reflect the owners. There was a colorful fence, white lights, and three adorable basset hounds waiting our arrival in this rehabbed old metal cotton sorting building.

The owners were full of excellent information, the area was unique and close enough to plenty of great restaurants, places to go and the ambience was totally different than my suburban home waiting for me 35 minutes away. Would I do it again? Absolutely. There's so much more to explore.

I'll post more photos another time. There's plenty more to say about our 2 day adventure as well. And hopefully we set a precedence to do a mini escape more often. 2011 will be a year for adventures, I can already tell. (Oh, did I mention it's 2 blocks from a wonderful glass hot shop too?)


  1. The link to the B&B is broken.....

  2. Thanks Cindy, I think it's fixed now. I really appreciate the heads up!

  3. I looked it up online, what a beautiful space. She's quite innovative, taking that space and making it so lovely! Thanks for sharing it here. We've talked about a trip down that way, so we may just have to check it out.

  4. Oh Cindy we had a lot of fun there. I do want to mention that it is a slightly transitional neighborhood. Think big city and safety. I felt totally safe there, but some places nearby I would drive to, and others I would feel comfortable walking.

  5. I love the non-traditional look of that place! Those are not the images that come to mind with the term "bed & breakfast"!


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