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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Rainbow Colored Rubber Tubing- Fun for Funky Jewelry

There is something about this combination of joyful colors in a necklace that just makes me want to smile. The designer, Yvonne Irwin says it reminds her of a carnival and I had a similar reaction of thinking that it looks like a visual party.

Yvonne is the shop owner of MyElements on Etsy who sells these rubber tubes, colorful O rings and quite a variety of other jewelry making pieces.  I found her through some of my friends and have to admit, am a bit addicted to the tubing.

You see, it works perfectly in some instances for a quick ending to a memory wire style necklace that uses my lampwork.  It keeps it lighter weight and for me, a quick string.  Here is an example of one that I just recently made.  (It is available if you message me, but not up on my StudioMarcy etsy site.

I love this light periwinkle blue color of the tubing.  It goes with a lot of my spring colors.  I have used plenty of other colors.

The O rings work well for accents between some large hole beads strung on the memory wire + tubing made up choker style too.  I'll show that necklace another day.

So pop by and visit Yvonne's shop.  One of the other options with this tubing is to feed wire through it and bend it around.  You can make corkscrews, loops or whatever you like.  Lots of fun and funky options.

If you've made something already with it, please post a link.  We'd all love to see it.

See you tomorrow!


  1. I love using that tubing! My elements is a great place to shop! I love your necklace, too!

  2. thanks are just the best pr person! i appreciate it... cant wait to see what else you do with those wonderful lampwork beads & the tubing!

  3. I have some of the shorter pieces but haven't used them yet!

  4. where can i find tubing in so many colors? help !!!!!

  5. Hi "Anonymous". See the link above to "My Elements" on Etsy? That's where I buy my tubing. Write to Yvonne and ask her for colors you need. She's wonderful and very customer service oriented.


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