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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fried Food On A Stick?

I found this tongue in cheek food map (literally- ha!) which shows someone's opinion of what each state is famous for- regarding food.  Some states I had to agree, but when I saw Minnesota's of "fried food on a stick",  it was time to chuckle.  Really?  Come on Minnesota buddies, have anything better than that?

So let us know what you really think these states should be famous for.  (Nevada- buffets?)  and if there is a drink that should go along with it.  Funny answers are also requested.


  1. I think they got Alaska just right -- King Crab!

  2. Washington is good. Eastern Wa growns those apples. Cherries are grown too, but hard to put on a stick, also from W. Washington, Salmon filet just fall off the stick.

  3. You two are making me hungry! Lara, my daughter went to school in Bellingham WA for a while. We went to visit her and the salmon were spawning. It was amazing.


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