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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Horoscope Changes? No way!

Have you heard all the hub bub about there being a 13th astrology sign?  The new one is called Ophiuchus.  Who is going to be able to spell that one?

If this were recognized, my husband would now be a "Ophiuchus" , and although it sounds like it, I can assure you, he does not have eight arms, but just two.

artwork from simboldesign on etsy

You know how the chit chat conversations go...oh, what do you think about such and such.  Well of course, this astrology topic is going to come up when there's a room of artists.

Bottom line, I thought perhaps it was time to read up on it...and an ever more bottom line...looks like it doesn't pertain to me, my family, or anyone nearby.

So I will remain a Gemini, my husband is still a Sagittarius, (although a lot of the new characteristics seemed a lot like him), and I don't need to learn how to spell "that word".  Now that the weight of the Universe is off my shoulders, I can go back to melting glass.

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