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Monday, March 15, 2010

Studio Marcy Featured ~ Thanks Linda!

I am delighted that Linda Lawrence chose me for her featured artist yesterday on her blog, Bella Bead Jewelry .

Linda had a list of questions for me to answer and one of my favorites was choosing three words to describe myself. Have you tried doing that? I just have so many that would work, depending on the time of day, circumstances and all other factors. Try it. Post three adjectives describing yourself in the comment section.

And meanwhile, please pop over to Linda's blog. It's such a fun one and every Sunday for awhile, she'll be featuring another artist. Oh, and look to the future. Linda and I are both going to make a Tweedle from the Alice in Wonderland movie. Anyone else want to get in on the action? It will be fun to compare and contrast them and how we went about choosing how to do them.

See you tomorrow!


  1. You are so welcome Marcy! Your work is just so fun and your such a nice person! I love learning about people and getting to know them through their art. It makes their work even more meaningful.
    My tweedle is coming along. This is completely out of my realm so we will just see how it comes out in the end. I have laughed at mine so maybe that is a good thing.


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