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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Men in Leather Skirts, Whynatte?

Sorry, couldn't help myself. I saw an article about these two guys, Andrew Wessels and Jesse Altman, and I thought more folks needed to know about them.

These two have a company called Whynatte. I guess after an evening of partying, Jesse's friend dropped a shot of Jager into an Espresso. When asked if he wanted to try it, he answered, "Whynatte" And the brand was born.

At first, they wanted just to get the name into popular lexicon, and after careful consideration, they decided to sell the product that goes with the name. Says Jesse. “We had a brand and a following, but no real product.”

So they hired an expert and invented the Whynatte Latte, which is a cold energy drink that is also served in bars with your favorite shot of alcohol.
Expanding farther into Georgia after four years in the Atlanta area, the sky is the limit.

And the leather skirts? Well, the guys said that they enjoy the freedom of movement. I'm keeping my comments to myself on that one!

See you tomorrow...