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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New Mini Website!

This past weekend was busy for me. I was working with Rose Wilson of to build a mini website for me.

Wow, what a sweetie to work with. She told me that she's been doing this since 1999. Here's an excerpt from something that she told me, that really hits home. "My tagline is 'Simply Cool Websites' because I still adhere to the same principle that a website should be simple and clean by design, uncluttered, and easy to navigate. I am a firm believer in the fact that if a site is too hard to focus on, that people will click off your website pretty quick and be on to the next one."

Yep, couldn't agree more. And one of the first comments I received on it was that they liked that it looked "organized" with my diverse style of beads.

I saw Rose's ad on and knew the time was right. I already have a mini one with my business name, "Studio Marcy", but thought adding another one that leads to my etsy shop as well, under my own name, Marcy Lamberson, would help potential customers find me in the google search system. Rose took care of securing the url and that kind of stuff too. She'll just send me the bill to renew each year.

And the whole process was easy. Rose communicated with me so fluidly, that I knew I would get what I wanted, even if I wasn't sure at the start. For some reason, I got it in my head that I wanted the color red to star in my new site. Now I've never really had a lot of red before, but thought this was the time to test it out. (go ahead, roll your eyes here.) Some of the journey was finding a color I love that I wanted with the red. As you can see, Rose helped me find a way to use aqua, my favorite color.

She is a corporate website administrator by day and does this and lampwork at night. Someone who understands us! (and heaven knows, I sure tested that.)

So stop by and see my new mini website and Rose's website And if you decide to try her out, please tell her I sent you.

See you tomorrow right here!


  1. Marcy, the link to your site isn't working. :(

    I love the rolling eyes though!! lol

  2. You won a Sunshine Award!

  3. Thanks Sylvie. Little glitch, links are working A-OK now. Thanks for the heads up. And also thank you for the sunshine award.

  4. looks great!

    I particularly love your Hulk Hogan bead, he jumped out at me from the red and turquoise new website :)

  5. I love it Marcy! Great colors too! :)


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