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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I'm Addicted to Barn Owls!

Who knew that I'd get an addiction at this old age? I know, I should be writing about glass and creativity, but somehow, I think we can call this inspiration.

If somehow you have missed Molly the barn owl and her baby owlets, visit the live cam as she protects, feeds and definitely keeps warm, her brood of owlets.

And as of when I'm writing this, there is one more egg to be hatched, if it hasn't done so already. Stop by and visit, in case you see this magic happening. When they're all done, there (hopefully) will be 5 babies.

If you look closely between her wings, you'll see one of the owlets which looks like a cross between an almost bald flamingo and a pterodactyl. I believe that one is named Max.

Tomorrow, back to glass and all the fun stuff, but for now, I'm watching my own Owl-tv and enjoying seeing nature and its beauty.

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