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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Rosebud 101- Love This Jewelry!

I just had to show you my new necklace and earrings from my friend Mallory of Rosebud 101. I love her colorful style in my favorite colors and the whimsical way that she put it together. I'm wore them to the Southern Flames Atlanta Board meeting last night to show them off. (that's our flameworking artist glass group for those of you not in our "biz".)

I was lucky enough to meet Mallory in person a few weeks ago, after we had been online friends for years. We both took a chance when she agreed to come stay with me during a class we were both taking here in Atlanta.

You know what? She's even better in person! And you know what? Her beads reflect her inner person Their bright, happy style reflect what a fun and delightful person she is.

So how do you find my friend? Here you go: