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Friday, March 5, 2010

Searching for Statement Necklaces

I've been researching "Statement Necklaces" and have found some good ones over on Neiman Marcus's website. (Still searching for the ones that use flamework glass though!)

This one is by Oscar de la Renta and is called a "Bead Bib" For $790, you receive metallic engraved beads, metal bugle beads, glass crystals and acrylic beads with a hook clasp and silver hardware over rope. It's possible that I would be disappointed, if I saw it in person. This is pretty, but I'd like more soul.

I'm searching for websites containing jewelry with more of a handmade artisan appeal.

Can you help me out? Please post ones that you enjoy and would show me "Statement Necklaces" (with flair!)

See you Sunday. Right here at