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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Beads in Space!

Beads of Courage in Space! Contest!

(the following is directly from the Beads of Courage website)

How would you like one of your beady creations to take a ride on the Space Shuttle? We’re not kidding! As part of TEAM Beads of Courage we send handmade beads on special journeys and when they return they’re presented

to Beads of Courage kids. NASA is joining TEAM Beads of Courage and will be

taking some TEAM Beads of Courage for a ride into outer space with astronauts

on the next shuttle launch!

Here’s the scoop:

1. Entry fee for this contest is $15.00 for every three beads submitted.

2. All beads become property of Beads of Courage (BOC). If your beads

are chosen (by BOC jury) they will blast off on a space shuttle and be

presented to BOC Member kids upon their return as a source of

enCOURAGEment from TEAM Beads of Courage!

3. Beads not making the shuttle will be used for other BOC purposes

including but not limited to: fundraising web site sales, online sales, as

Acts of Courage beads for kids, fundraising sales displays, as jewelry

components, etc. all benefitting BOC in some way.

4. Any and all beads may be photographed by BOC and used for

promotional materials for Beads of Courage, including but not limited to:

publications, posters, postcards, blog entries, online promotions and


5. Credit will be given to artists in publications and and elsewhere.

6. You agree to the above by entering the contest.


Now, let's chat for a sec. I'd really like for all of you glass artists to enter, please. Not only do you get a one in a million chance for something as wonderful as sending a bead into space, but Beads of Courage gets some great beads, publicity, and of course, the big winners are the kids. I'm hoping you'll join me in entering. Please visit the Beads of Courage website for additional rules and the entry form.