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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sally Is Selling Shells...on Etsy

I've just recently listed a couple more seashells, because we must be in the shell selling season. (Sally says say that three times fast).

They've been my biggest sellers recently and I know I'm ramped up wearing them as the weather has gotten hotter too.

So I wanted to show you two very different but similar shells. The top one was made with Bullseye Glass which has the COE (co-efficiency of expansion) of 90. So what does that mean? It's a little stiffer to work with compared to my usual glass, Effetre or Vetrofond. I love the color of the glass and how well it swirled together. Definitely, I'll make more out of BE.

My handmade bead is wound from my softer glass, Effetre- light ivory. It's gooey fun to wrap around the mandrel and just oozes where you want it to go. For non glass folk, its COE is 104.

I particularly like the look of the carnelian glass for the inside and ruffled lip. You don't always know what shade it will be or whether you'll need to strike it to bring out the color. Don't forget when striking glass, let it cool quite a bit, before reheating it and then repeat if necessary.

I've got a lot more beach, shells, and other aquatic items in my Etsy shop here.

Hope you're staying cool. See you tomorrow!