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Monday, June 22, 2009

Graphite Frit Spoons?

I've got to admit, I've never seen one of these before. I found it on Delphi's website. It's a
Graphite Frit Spoon for $14.95.

I can see where folks would think that it could be quite handy. Their illustration shows how you can easily pour the frit back into the container
after using what you need.

I guess I've always used little metal gravy boats that I found at a Cost Plus or one of those types of shops.
You know, the kind where you get about 3 for $5. Sometimes they're a bit awkward, but seem to do a similar job. Little spout at the end for pouring back afterwards.

But this one intrigues me a bit. What do you do for really large beads?

I have to say, that part of me wants one, because I think it would be fun to photo some of my beads inside of the cavity so it would look like a small stage. I know it's not using frit, but I sure wonder what beads would look like with that dark curved area as a background. And how would the curved area work as a marver? Might be fun to try.

Well, I have a post script to this blog. I popped over to Delphi's 20% off sale and put one in my basket. After seeing that the shipping would cost more than half of the item, I decided to wait.

So if you have one, do you like it? Do you use it often? I'd love to hear from someone who owns one and what you think about it. Let's see whether one ends back in my basket, because I've been convinced.