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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Need More Smiling Faces for My Gathering Class

Here are my most recent (2) sets of two- day class students. See their smiling faces? They had a good time and so did I.

I need everyone's help to get the word out. As you know, the Gathering's attendance is down a bit this year and I'm a little bummed that my class isn't 100% full. It's not in jeopardy of being canceled, but I'd sure love to fill it up. There are just a couple of spaces left.

I don't just teach sculptural beadmaking. Oh really you ask? Well, there are so many techniques that relate to other styles of beadmaking too. Yes, the beads are sculptural and you learn lots of techniques that relate to being able to make lots of sculptural beads, but it's much more. We work on heat control, shaping, resources, creativity, how to think like me (a bit scary, isn't it?), inspiration, learning how to look at 3-D items and 2-D pictures and interpret them into beads, canes, surface decoration, using tools in non-traditional ways and my favorite part- fun. I'm a big fan of fun for everyone.

And there's more. You see, I don't usually tell you until after you sign up for my class, but I have a special private blog just for my students. It includes photos and step by step tutorials of each of the beads we've made (plus additional info), so that you don't need to take as detailed notes. You can focus on watching the demos so you don't miss a thing, then you can go to the blog and copy or just review the steps. Easy peasy. You can also ask questions on that blog that don't relate to the beads you learned. You see, once my student- always my student. Star treatment for all.

Here's where to find my Gathering class, If you have further questions, please email me at Thanks so much. I've got my fingers crossed that you can help me fill it up. I really want to teach more smiling faces.

p.s. If you're already one of my registered students, thank you so very much.