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Friday, June 5, 2009

Haven't Lost My Marbles, But I Found Some...

Holy Guacamole! These are some rippin' marbles. And these are just three of the ones entered in the 5th Annual Glass Addiction Alphabet Marble Contest.

Top: Brad Pearson
Middle: Richard Hollingshead II
Bottom: Margaret Zinser

All of the contestants would appreciate it if you go vote for your favorites. The system is a little convoluted, but Brad swears that it works. You can find it here.

For the rest of the marbles, and there are some real yummy ones...visit here.

Of course everyone has their personal taste as
to which one is their favorite. Each of these three draws me in and make me want to think about how they were made and the person's thought process behind them.

As a kid, we used to play marbles. We had a pecking order for which ones were the best and of course favorites. I loved the "clearies" that were transparent colored glass- the blues and greens especially. Once in a while, my mom let us heat some in a frying pan with some water, and then pop them into ice to crackle them. Who knew that would be the forerunner to my glass career when I learned how to make crackle beads so many years later.

So pop over and vote, please. Give these glass artists some love. And if you have a moment,
come back and let all of us know which were your preferences. These were just three very different ones, but I had a lot of favorites that you still haven't seen.

Catch you tomorrow.