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Friday, June 12, 2009

CBS Dichroic Coated Copper Foil

I got really excited when I saw that CBS had come out with a new dichro item- coated copper foil. I hoped that this would be my salvation.

Yes, I'm one of those who has not mastered dichro and yearns to join that exclusive club.

So of course I ordered a sheet and brought it with me to bead camp.

I am first to admit, it could have been operator error, but I have to say I was not happy with my results. And before I go into my commentary, I really welcome anyone who has had a great experience to please let us all know about it and what you did to make it so. I really wanted to love this...but at this time, I'm a bit ambivalent.

Here's what happened from my experimenting. I cut up the foil into medium sized sections, so it would be easily accessible. I rolled my warm barrel shaped beads across the dichro so it would adhere. Well, it kind of stuck, but in little flakes. And it took a lot of work to get it. And the flakes looked more like little silver pieces (nice and shiny though), than colorful, sparkling dichro. Darn. I did encase immediately, and that was easy, which was nice.

And my best success, doesn't have photo documentation. I took a hollow tube and rolled a barrel of dark ivory onto my dichro sheet. Some adhered. I encased it and then blew it out into one of my seashell beads. That one was really pretty. One of my friends at bead camp saw it and I gave it to her, so I can't show you. But I'll try it again and will have all fingers and toes crossed that it turns out.

I gave out small sections to others at that get together. One person couldn't get any to adhere to her beads. I gave her a new piece and tried her old one. She was right. It wouldn't come off. Weird, huh? So I'm really hoping that CBS is able to tweak this product into the stuff I dream about. They do such a great job with everything else, so I'm confident it will happen.

If you've had a great experience, I'd love to hear about it. If it hasn't been great for you, it's okay to post, but please just facts about what occured. I want to stay on CBS's good side, so when my dream dichro sheets are finessed, I can buy up loads of them.