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Friday, June 19, 2009

Discovering Details

I don't often do double takes, but I did when I saw this brooch by Dawn Estrin and George Wilson.

At first I thought it was a flower inside of two leaves. Upon studying it closer, I saw the two females in the center. Pretty cool.

This silver pin/pendant, (it's convertible), features a photo montage that has been protected by polycarbonate plastic. Swarovski crystals accent the design.

At first the shape of it drew me in. Flowers and leaves with a graphic shape appeal to me. Upon inspection, the creativity and detail kept my attention. You can find this pin (maybe we should call them "pin-dants" on the artful home website by clicking here.

Now I'm contemplating what could I make that needs a second look because of interesting design that needs to be discovered. The concept gets you dreaming, doesn't it?