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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Open Torch

One of the features of the Gathering that I really enjoy is watching other people use the torches (or burners, if I'm being correct) in person.  Each person has their techniques and tricks that are fun to watch.  And the Gathering proved once again that to be true.

Amy from Zooziis attracted a lot of attention when she sat down to demonstrate her product.  I enjoyed seeing the large crowd watching her closely to see how it works.

Thanks to Lisa St. Martin and her crew who help make all of that possible for us.  And of course a big thanks to the vendors who bring these for us to use.

Attendees, just wondering....did you feel comfortable sitting down and trying one out?  I have heard both sides to this issue and was wondering how you feel.  I know it took me a few years before I did.  But I do like it when folks make an item or two and then hand off the torch to someone else to give it a whirl.  To me, that's what it's about.  Giving everyone a chance.  I know the torch manufacturers like their torches to stay busy and hopefully encourage us to upgrade to new ones.

Anyone out there buy a torch this year?  I'm still debating that enticing Scorpion.  Or something similar.  we'll see.