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Monday, August 8, 2011

Announcing "Creative Forces" Class in Deland, Florida

Creative Forces

November 12 - 13, 2011  
Glassic Arts Studio - Deland Florida

(this is a sample of a Beads of Courage young male patient request for a Razorback bead.  I took this picture from the internet...

...and made this bead for him.)  This is a sample of one of the techniques I will teach in the class, although we'll focus primarily on sculpture (and much "cuter" beads!)  Hope you'll join us.

This class will be dedicated to the Beads of Courage.

A portion of the tuition & instructor fees as well as beads will be donated by both teacher- Marcy Lamberson and Glassic Arts, the host studio.

Have you ever looked at a picture or an object and wanted to figure out how to interpret it in glass? Join instructor, Marcy Lamberson to discuss how to build what you're looking at and then create a sculptural bead in 104 glass using easy to understand methods.  These sculptural and viewing techniques will apply to so many facets of your personal beadmaking too. 

We will also work on interpreting some pictures as raised sculptural detail on a base bead.  Sometimes the object (or the potential owner) needs a more solid background... legs on flamingos are a good example.

Come join the fun!   This class is great for the Beads of Courage "Artist On Call" Beads.  We'll practice with one actual Artist on Call bead for a child, and if you choose, you can donate it to the program, or keep it for yourself. 

For reservations: call  Kathi Truba, 
386-738-1008 or email