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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Spiderman...Artists on Call for Beads of Courage

Spiderman was one little boy's request through Beads of Courage's Artist on Call program.  Where children ask for a special bead to be made just for them and glass artists choose from what has been requested and craft it for them.  Our Atlanta Southern Flames group did a test for this program, at the time called it Dream Beads.  

I have a feeling with the new Spiderman movie coming out, that there might be more requests over the next year too.  So I wanted to show you how I interpreted it, in case you'd like to volunteer with the program as well.  (contact BOC- or me- to put you in touch)

I first found a photo of a spiderman that I thought could be interpreted on a bead in glass. Knowing the child is young, I wanted to do a raised picture on a strong background, to be safe and sturdy.   This is the photo I found to use.

It's a child's Halloween costume.  It simplifies the outfit, yet gives the major details. Just what I wanted.
From there, I transferred the idea onto glass with some changes.  Mine obviously is not perfect, but a child would know immediately by the costume colors and design who it is, which is the result I wanted.

If you think this is fun, I'm hoping you'll volunteer with Beads of Courage too.  And if you think you need a little more practice, this type of interpretation is in my Creative Forces class that I teach.  How to take a 2-D or 3-D (or even words) description, and make a bead from it.  Which, combined with teaching, are two of my favorite things to do!  

See you tomorrow!