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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Pyrography- Burning Something Sounds Like Fun!

I saw the term, "Pyrography" and immediately thought "More flames?  Oh boy!"  But then I learned that it is a term for what I used to think of woodburning.  How many of us had that little woodburning set when we were little and scratched out some youthful drawings on pieces of wood.  Well, viewing it as an adult, I have a new, and very impressed take on it.

The first photo I found, is Owl, by Russ Garner.  Not only is it technically lovely, but if you read that e-zine, you'll learn how this art form is used for physical rehabilitation and see lots of beautiful examples from various artists.

And this one I found on one of my favorite websites,  This is Sif Pyrography by DebsDen.  You can find it here.

Both of these pieces make me want to find my old set and pull it out to see how it can be used with wood and other materials.  How can I combine this art form with my glass work?  I think there are some wonderful possibilities.  What does this inspire you to do?