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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Artists On Call

So yesterday, you heard about my class, Creative Forces, which teaches my glass students how to translate pictures into beads.

I thought I'd show you the three that I am working on now.  This last one, could be the hardest. Spiderman.  Lots of movement and little lines.

Do you see how I chose the reference photos?  In this case, it's a child's costume.  It simplifies the details, and yet gives me the most important "clues" to the viewer as to what they are seeing.

And more importantly, these beads will go to the special children who requested them, through Beads of Courage.

And don't forget, because these are gifts and not sold, and there will be my "artistic spin" on them as well, I still need to be careful.  I would not sell anything like these copyrighted items.  And I wouldn't be making a bunch to give away either. I know that people ask for this type of thing all the time, but it's not really "our art" if we're making something that someone else already thought up.  And for me, it's important to be respectful of making them even for Beads of Courage children.  I'm probably telling you something you already know and respect already.  But doesn't hurt to say it, once in a while.  (okay, carefully stepping down from my soap box now)...

I'll show you the results next week when they're done.  And I'm hoping you can join me for the class in Florida and whenever I am teaching it in other locations.