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Friday, August 19, 2011

Thinking About New Fall Colors in Glass

It's that time of year, that I start looking at Fall colors for glass beadmaking.  I know, I'm a little late. Often I'm starting in July.  But I was noticing this Adobe by CiM glass and thought how pretty it would look in some of my Fall Leaf series that I do each year.  It would mix well with the ambers, greens, oranges and reds.  And I know it would also do as well as the more expensive Red Roof Tile in my hamster beads too.

I was also looking at this Honey Swirl (new from Effetre) that seems like their response to Vetrofond's Honey Crunch.  I wish we could see the end of the rod, to know what it is made up of.  I love this shade for my dog beads- but it too, would look nice in Autumn related beads.  Haven't you seen lots of leaves with this color in them?  It would contrast and yet blend well with the other colors.  I have a feeling that it is a blend of transparent amber and an opaque glass.

Are there any other ones that you are thinking about buying for Fall?  Would love to know which ones sing to you and on a practical level... a link to where to find them.