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Monday, February 28, 2011

Margie Deeb's Spring/Summer Color Report

Do you keep track of the Spring and Summer Pantone Colors and how they affect your bead/ beadmaking business and fashion?  Margie Deeb does and puts it all together, along with color combinations, percentages of color and lots of great inspiration for you.  

I was lucky to be chosen to make a necklace for Margie's Spring/ Summer 2011 Color Report for Bead & Jewelry Makers.  My assignment was to use the following colors, lavender, silver peony and silver cloud in a necklace.  The Silver peony was supposed to be about 80% and the rest divided between the other two colors.

So this is what I made.  I kept it simple because the predominant color was so soft and almost a nude color (for me, at least) and the other colors were in such small amounts.  I used sterling silver chain for my Silver Cloud color and Moretti glass Periwinkle for the lavender shade.  CIM glass's Desert Pink was very close to the Silver Peony shade along with some rose quartz, (I think that's what the stone is- someone correct me if I'm wrong please) and little matching beads.

Working in a paler palette and keeping from using my typical sculptural beads, made it a fun stretch.  I even used a press, which is so very different, but fun.

So tell me, are you using this Spring and Summer's fashion colors?  If you're interested, check out Margie's color report.  Her color swatch combinations are right on point with great inspiration.


  1. Such soft lovely colors! Beautiful beads Marcy!!

  2. Marcy - this is a beautiful interpretation of such beautiful colors. Just lovely. Well done.

  3. The design, matches the colors..very feminine and very dainty..lovely job!


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