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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Views from Blue Moon

I've been at Blue Moon Glassworks for awhile now, while visiting and helping out.  Thought I'd show you a few things around here.  The top photo is of Bob, who designs and makes the coolest stained glass windows.  He is precise and so very nice.  I love visiting with him and hearing his stories.

This is a large box of dichro that we're getting ready for the Mosaic Artists' conference here this week.  SAMA.  We're going to sell it out, I bet.  It's so sparkly!

And here is a photo of Jim Berry's truck.  He made this art piece all with frit.  I got to ride in the real truck a few days ago and we rumbled and bounced down the street in it.  What fun!

So that's a little about my Austin trip so far.  There will be a lot more to tell you about. It's beautiful weather down here.  If you are attending the SAMA Conference- come see us in the Blue Moon Glassworks booth starting Thursday through Saturday.