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Friday, February 4, 2011

Glass Artist Jennifer Umphress Needs Your Help- And It's So Easy...

Jennifer Umphress's Glass Art

The 14 year old son Izaiah, of one of our fellow glass artists, Jennifer Umphress, has Burkitts Lymphoma cancer.  Jennifer and her husband have had to move to be close to him while Izaiah is going through cancer and chemo treatments at the hospital.  Which means...Jennifer can't do her glass art.

So, a fabulous raffle has been set up, to help pay for living costs in a second location.  Doesn't that make you proud of our glass world?  It does me.

And the raffle is held monthly on the 10th of each month with raffle tickets at different levels.  Wait until you see the goodies.  The photo at the top is not one of the items, ( it is one of my favorite pieces of hers) but she does have another piece that is in the raffle!  Yikes, wouldn't that be wonderful to win!  And so many more artists have donated pieces that are fabulous too.

So, head over to command central...the Umphress's Family & Friends blog and read through.  The paypal button at the bottom of the page is the way to buy the raffle tickets.  And help out one of our fellow artists and her family.  And by the way, 14 year old Izaiah's body is responding to the chemo and the tumor on his kidney is shrinking (hooray!) but there are still months left to go for treatment.

So now that I've written this, I'm heading back over to their blog to buy some raffle tickets.  Wishing all of you the best of luck and let's give Jennifer (who is a sweetie) a helping hand.


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