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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sara Sally Did It Again!

I just finished taking Sara Sally LaGrand's fabulous corsage class.  I loved it!  We had a great group of students in Austin, TX at Blue Moon Glassworks.

Sara's mellow, but so professional style of teaching was a delight.  We were relaxed, but very motivated and challenged.  So much to think about- color combinations, proportion, new techniques and more.  Whew!  I must say I was tired at the end from having so much fun.

So here is the pin that I made.  Now that I've made one, I would do it differently next time, but I learned some good lessons.  And I will make more, but they will be more my personal style.  And that's a sign of a good teacher- one who inspires and gives you the tools to take it in your own direction.