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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Six More Weeks of Winter? I Hope Not!

Happy Groundhogs Day to you. (I included this photo, because some of you have never seen a groundhog.  This way you can tell the boys and girls apart.)

 It's still too early in the morning to know if the Groundhog saw his shadow, but the idea of six more weeks of winter is very unappealing to me.  I thought we might brainstorm some great ideas of things to do, when the next snowstorm hits.  Yikes, I've had enough and I don't even live in a cold location.

Besides using my torch and melting glass, my next favorite thing to do is learn something new.  Between youtube (lampwork videos here) and the tutorials that are out there, I could actually enjoy six more weeks if it included learning.  For finding the tutorials, I go to Lampwork Etc or pop over to Etsy and do a search.  Please post if you have some favorite links or tutorials that you'd like to share.

As for other things to keep me busy for 6 more weeks of winter...I've recently started making jewelry.  I know I'm way behind the learning curve, but I'm really enjoying it now.  I'm looking for book suggestions from all of you, any favorites?

So although I'm really hoping that spring is right around the corner, I've got plenty to do.  Please share what you would do.


  1. us either ..
    i love you Marcy ..
    have an awesome awesome day

    follow me on this journey ..

  2. Marcy, there are so many great books and tutorials. I have found some great jewelry tuts on Etsy. Try that for a source.


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