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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Big Beads of Courage Drawing for My Cricket Torch!

Perhaps you remember that this Cricket Torch raffle has been going on for the entire month of March.   For every 25 beads or $25, the donor receives a raffle chance.  And  wouldn't you know it, there's been an overwhelming response.  Way over 6,000 beads have been sent in to Beads of Courage.   I'm so delighted with our wonderfully generous lampwork community.  And even better, quite a few folks have stepped forward with additional raffle gifts, so there are lots more to give away.

Here are two photos of the many which have been posted on the raffle blog,  Please pop by and see all of the wonderful beads that are going to the kids.  I'll leave the blog online after the raffle is completed for everyone's viewing pleasure.

So before I do the drawing today, I'm going to double check my raffle tickets to the donations and then I'll be using the online number generator.  You can see it here.  And after that- I'll post to the BOC Blog and start contacting both the recipients and the other gift donors as well.  I'm excited for all of it!

And of course, the big winners are the kids.  Having watched them pick beads at one of our local events, I know that they think about it pretty carefully when choosing.  (and like a complete bead dork, I was watching to see if they'd pick one I had donated.) 

Cheers to the lampwork community - you make me so proud to be associated with all of you.


  1. Cheers to your generosity and to the generosity of lampworkers all over!

  2. Wonderful art! so many colors and shapes and forms


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