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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Krispy Kremes and Toddler Dreams

So last weekend on my way home, we stopped at a cute little airport north of Atlanta that looked more like someone's home than a place of business.  This is inside of the little cafe.  I love this bike.  Looks like it was for delivering newspapers.
And as we were close to a race track, there was this motorcycle too.  It's signed by all kind of racing luminaries.  So I took a close up shot, in case any of you are into it.

A handwriting expert would have a hey day with it, I'm sure.

But one of my favorite decorative items in that little cafe was this toddler car, which I really liked.  (Maybe it's just the little people who would drive it that I'm so fond of..not sure)

You know I'm in the South, when there are Krispy Kremes displayed with it too.

Hope you have a relaxing day planned.  I'll be talking glass and art tomorrow, but just wanted you to see a little airport's comfy cafe,  In a world where "newer" is often better, it was kind of fun finding this little hidden treasure.  Or as my kids would say, "Old School"!