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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Buildings With A Sense of Humor

I had quite a response with my "face house" that I posted on Sunday, so I went looking for more examples.  Boy, did I find them!  I love the sense of humor that both the architect and the home owner must have.

This first one is in Kyoto, Japan.  I would definitely seek it out, if I were to visit.

I don't know where this house is.  But I read that it has a different face on each facade.  I think one face is enough, personally.  I can just picture little kids getting a bit creeped out, like they do with clowns.

This is my favorite.  It's subtle and just keeping an eye on the neighborhood.  And in my very understated way, (ha ha) I could add more decorations temporarily, if the whim hits.

Of course, I love this one.  It looks like a potentially unloved, drab building has a sense of humor and life.  I can just picture kids daring each other to step inside through the mouth.