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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Attempted Textures

I've been interested in tree bark recently.  Not the smooth stuff, but trees that have other things growing on them, or bark that has a lot of texture.  I found this one on a great texture resource website,  It's not just bark, but a boatload of other items too.

I use them in my beads, when I'm trying to change up how it feels. I think glass doesn't have to be just smooth or symmetrically bumpy.  You know what I mean. Just wanted to add another resource to your list.  So tell me, what textures would you want to interpret?  Are there any you are drawn to in particular?


  1. Great post and question! I am partial to the textures that water can achieve. You know? There's ripples, rings, choppyness, foam, the lines of currents, etc. etc. etc. I think these things would be beautifully compatible with glass because of the liquid and translucent nature of the material.

    Also, stuff that grows in water. Seaweed, barnacles, different kinds of shells, corals and anemones, shellfish, seahorses and shrimp, and so forth. :3

    Will you be making more tree-inspired things soon, then? If so, I'll be looking forward to seeing them!

  2. Yes, I'll be making more and incorporating more textures into them. My current interest is birch bark. I've always loved it and look forward to using my interpretation in glass.

  3. In that photo, I love the green stuff on the tree! I think that's really cool!


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