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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Traveling Student Equals Lots of Fun

I just spent a great three and a half days with my out of state glass student and friend, Karla.

Sadly, she has to miss my whimsical sculptural glass class at Appalachian Center for Craft this July, so she wanted to learn what she would be missing.

For me as a teacher, this is a lot of fun. Instead of the same curriculum, I can tailor a multi day private lesson to exactly what the student really wants to know. Mermaids, angels, dogs, cats, dragons and other requests were on Karla's list.

Of course no allowances were made for it being so extremely cold and actually snowing here in Atlanta. One night Karla stayed here, because the
weather just wasn't safe enough for her driving back and forth to her hotel. We had fun anyhow. It was more of an adventure. And ending the day with dinner was a lot of fun. We could relax and discuss glass and other topics.

Even though that many days of private lessons seemed like a lot, our days flew by. By the time she was leaving, I had a mental list of a bunch of things I wish we would have had more time to cover. Hopefully another time.

I'll show you more of her work another time. But here are two of her little dogs. I think they turned out beautifully. The top dog is all one piece, so Karla learned how to attach a body and a head
there. And the littler face was learning the doggy
features and details.

See you tomorrow!