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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Photographing Glass Beads

I am no expert at all, but most of the time, I can take a fairly reasonable photograph of my beads.

I've decided to share my high tech set up for all of you, so you can see the expensive equipment and system that i have put into place.

Well, if you've looked at the pictures, you'll see I was teasing you. I'm about as far from that as possible.

I use two pieces of computer glossy photograph paper and a lucite bead stand with a clear rod to hold the bead.

Natural light is my favorite and I set my inexpensive Sony Cyber-shot on ISO which is a non flash set up for lower light.

I usually lighten the screen. (I have this little thingy that I click to the left or right for lighter or darker) And then hold my hand really steady or rest it on one of my shipping boxes and click away.

When I download my photos, they are all popped into PhotoShop for cropping and any additional clarity. Sometimes I make the photo a little lighter. And that's it.

So you can see my career as a rocket scientist never materialized and I will never be a professional photographer either.

Now it's time to share your photography hints. I know you have them. Please post and help all of us out. See you tomorrow right here,