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Monday, January 18, 2010

T-Shirts Into Couture

I chanced across this designer and website and had to take a second look. Designer Angela Johnson, of made this fabulous black ballgown out of recycled t-shirts.

She terms it, "innovative, eco-friendly gowns made from "thrifted" t-shirts."

Personally, I think this dress rocks. It's got style, sass and I bet the cotton jersey provides a great fit too.

Explore her website. What really hit home was the use of materials in an artistic and different manner.

And of course that made me sit back and think of that as a glass artist too. How can I achieve something along the same lines? So that's my topic to contemplate for the next few days. How can I use other materials with my glass or in lieu of my glass to achieve creative results?

What do you think? Ideas?