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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Little Green Men for Beads of Courage

I was recently asked to help out locally for a Beads of Courage special project. I guess there is a wonderful little cancer patient about 6 years old, who holds a special fascination for a classic Sci-Fi movie that has a little green guy. I was asked to make one for him and the staff who supports him during his hospital and chemo stay.

So 9 little green men who have the essence of his favorite character, but not the same, due to copyright laws, have been completed and delivered to our local Beads of Courage volunteer. If you aren't familiar with this fabulous organization, it's a 501(c)3 which supports children who have cancer or other life threatening illnesses. Their website is

Flameworking glass artisans provide handmade beads for special activities during the young patients' stay at the hospital. They receive beads for various events in their medical care, whether x-rays, blood transfusions, chemo or non-compartmentalized "acts of courage". We make special purple heart beads for the lucky ones who "graduate" from treatment and get to go home, as well as glass butterflies for the families who aren't as lucky who have children who don't make it. We also donate "acts of courage beads" which are art beads of all shapes and sizes.

These little Faux-das, as I call them are the special requests that once in a while pop up. I was happy to help and am hoping that the power of this old wise one will increase the little patient's chance to get through and become healthy again. Join me in my wishes. If you are a lampworker, please consider sending a few strays. If you are new to this great non-profit, please pop by their website. It is amazing seeing these children telling their medical story through their long chains of beads and how it helps in their treatment.

Wishing you health and happiness- and as always, great glass. See you tomorrow here at