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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hearts For Tanya

One of the nicest folks on facebook and fellow Etsy seller, Tanya Boden is needing a little help. She has an expensive surgery scheduled, because her pain is so horrendous and as so many of us artists find, not enough funds to cover it.

Her blog explains her illness/intense pain and the special deal she has going on in her shops to help increase sales. Read carefully so you find the discount codes and deals.

This morning, I went shopping in her etsy store and found some great goodies. She lives in Thailand and has the totally inexpensive one price shipping rate of $3.50 for everything.

There are a lot of fellow artists who are selling items earmarked for donations to her. Some of them can be found here. And here is a link for direct donations.

See you tomorrow for more glass and creativity..