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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Studio Clean Up- OMG!

There's an old movie called "What About Bob" that focused on the key words, "baby steps". So with that in mind, I started working on cleaning up my studio.

I knew my table top needed to be one of the first things and secondly, my little single drawer that my table has.

So this first photo is of what came out of my over stuffed little drawer and the lower photo shows how small that drawer actually is.

Pulling out the contents reminded me of the skits of the clowns piling out of those teeny tiny mini cars. I think I could have filled one of those cars with my 'stuff'.

Did I find treasures? Well, yes and no. I knew all of it was in there, plus extra. And it didn't let me down. There was more of what i knew was there and lots of extra packaging and miscellaneous that had to get tossed out. (which is good for the soul, by the way)

So now I can find things in that drawer. It is being kept tidier and I now can close it easily. Beforehand was a bit of a struggle. So here is one of my baby steps. And although I fight it, neat and clean sure does make life more easy.

See you tomorrow!