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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Southern Flames Demo by Don Meadows

Glass Artist Don Meadows did a wonderful horse head demo for Southern Flames this past weekend. Not only was his sculptural bead well done, but he also provided horse related jokes and groan-worthy puns as part of the evening's entertainment.

Don's sculptural beads are always a delight to hold in one's hand and examine. He includes great details and they are all treasures.

I included a drawing of how he segments his horse head bead. You can see the neck and then the head made in two stages with the mandrel bisecting the bead.

As I didn't get a great photo of his samples, I did include one of a white poodle that he displayed as well. The back of the poodle's collar is home to a row of cubic zirconium pieces.

You can see more of Don and his wife's art here.