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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tennessee, Ready of Not, Here I Come!

I'm lucky to be headed to Tennessee for a little while to be with some of my friends.  We're going to melt glass, pound metal, discuss jewelry making and probably act just a tiny bit unrepresentative of our ages for a little bit and laugh the whole time while doing it.  But most of all, I'm going to have a chance to catch up in person and find out what's going on in each person's life.

I enjoy our online community, but I love even more, getting to know lampworkers in person.  We're a pretty special group of folks who each has a lot of interesting things going on.  And this year, I'll meet some new people too. We'll get to see each other's art up close and take time to watch and learn what others are doing. And as beadmakers tend to do, we'll all be doing a little trading too.  I'm pretty excited, if you can't tell.

So my blog will continue as usual and at the end of my camp, I'll fill you in on some of the highlights.  But right now, I'm off to the library to find a few books on tape for the long drive ahead.

See you tomorrow!
ps, my friends pictured above- Angie, Pam and (flat- but not in real life) Rebekah will be some of my buddies there.