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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mothers Day - What Would You Like To Receive?

 Mothers Day is coming up soon and my inbox seems to be deluged with promotions.  I started looking at some of them to see what is typically being offered.

Lots of great stuff, but most of it, I can't seem to relate to a lot.  Young moms (ladies, I know how hard you work!)  Or the grandmothers (ladies, you deserve something wonderful too!)  But I guess I'm at a stage in my life, where I"m not relating to those as much.

I posted this fabulous emerald ring from Wexford Jewelers on Etsy.  And although of course I love it, it's not in anyone's budget who would be giving me a gift.  Besides, I guess I'm weird, but after all these years, I still prefer something that was handmade by my kids.  My daughter has started painting delightful pen and ink with watercolor wash pictures.  That would be a joy to receive.  And my son is a whiz at anything phone, computer and technical, which I am so deficient in.  They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks, but I'm still trying to keep up.  (and if they didn't want to go handmade, I always love more glass!!)

So this leads me to ask, what's on your list?  If you were receiving a gift- what would you want?  I know that anything is appreciated, but tell me what in your life would be fun to receive.


  1. Instead of a card, I enjoy receiving a live plant, a perennial that I can put in the ground and enjoy its blooms every spring. And yesterday I saw an elegant iridescent blown glass hanging votive holder, adorned with beads and bronze filigree accents. Sounds expensive, but isn't! And I would adore one of those new handmade frilly, ruffly, girly aprons.

  2. I want another new empty pandora bracelet. My bead group is going to do a pandora bead exchange. I'll need it so I can wear the beads around! That's all I want.

  3. BTW, love that ring. It's a little high for my blood, if I spent that kind of money it would have to be a diamond. And a big one at that.


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