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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Color Choice. Which Would You Choose?

I am the proud new owner of of some map and chart type drawers.  My husband found them for me, and I always wanted to put my glass in them to keep it cleaner and more organized.

The downside is that they're a little rusty and crusty, which will require some good scouring and new paint. (and crossed fingers that the drawers move a little more easily.)

So now I get to choose my paint color  I'm thinking something like a Rustoleum product, might be the best for them.   And I'm not sure which one to choose.  There are of right now.  Aqua is my favorite color.  Oh surely I love many, but this shade always makes me smile.  It reminds me of the beach and happiness,

 Then there's my other side - the practical me, (my inner Gemini is showing).  I wonder if a nice, basic neutral might be easier on the eyes, and just blend a bit more, as the years go on.  I like this khaki shade of neutral.  It would go with everything.
The glass will be hidden away inside of the drawers once it's painted. I'm going for a little more organization in the's currently a little too crazy in there right now.  So many items and too little space- a typical artisan's lament.

So what do you think?  Which would you choose?