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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Color Choice. Which Would You Choose?

I am the proud new owner of of some map and chart type drawers.  My husband found them for me, and I always wanted to put my glass in them to keep it cleaner and more organized.

The downside is that they're a little rusty and crusty, which will require some good scouring and new paint. (and crossed fingers that the drawers move a little more easily.)

So now I get to choose my paint color  I'm thinking something like a Rustoleum product, might be the best for them.   And I'm not sure which one to choose.  There are of right now.  Aqua is my favorite color.  Oh surely I love many, but this shade always makes me smile.  It reminds me of the beach and happiness,

 Then there's my other side - the practical me, (my inner Gemini is showing).  I wonder if a nice, basic neutral might be easier on the eyes, and just blend a bit more, as the years go on.  I like this khaki shade of neutral.  It would go with everything.
The glass will be hidden away inside of the drawers once it's painted. I'm going for a little more organization in the's currently a little too crazy in there right now.  So many items and too little space- a typical artisan's lament.

So what do you think?  Which would you choose? 


  1. Marcy, way to choose two fantastic colors. Thanks for picking Rust-Oleum to complete your project with. We are big fans of color that makes people smile, so we'll vote for Aqua. Keep us posted on how it goes.

  2. Thanks Scott. Unfortunately, I called my local home depot and found they don't carry the aqua and they've asked me to come in and look at their alternate rustoleum products to choose from instead.

  3. I'm with Scott... I always go for a smile color!

    Try Lowe's - They are usually way better stocked. And don't forget Michael's... My local Michael's carries Rust-Oleum!

  4. I love rustoleum! To get the drawers to slide easier, turn the drawers over, then rub the bottoms of the draw where they glide into the cabinet with parrafin wax, the kind you use to seal jelly. It works like a charm. Unless of course they are rusted and need to be cleaned off.

    My mom used to take rusty metal objects to the local blacksmith. He'd sandblast the rust off for her so she had a nice clean surface.

  5. Thanks Holly, I'll check there!

  6. I'm also partial to the sea color. And for stubborn drawers, wax the runners and the guides...makes for much ease of use.

  7. If you're painting the insides of the drawers too, what about aqua on the outside, and inside, the khaki so it won't compete as much with the glass colors?


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