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Sunday, May 15, 2011

All Things Periwinkle

A friend and I were chatting the other day about periwinkles.  These are the type I have in my yard, and are what I consider to be the color called periwinkle.

But being a closet librarian, I decided to look at google images and found a variety of other things "periwinkle".

Like these love Periwinkle snail shells.  I'm a huge fan of shells, but how did it get its name?  I don't see periwinkle colors.  Some of these things confound me.

But I also saw this photo, which really speaks to me.

I love the earthy colors and textures that you see in it.  The shells have a more "periwinkle" hue to them.  And the word "gastropods" just sounds kind of artsy to me.  (far better than snails.)

Okay, one final periwinkle.  This one.  Now somebody got fancy on us and changed the color of the flower that I like so much.  As much as I like pink, this one should go by its real name, Vinca Rosea which says what it is.  The name Periwinkle throws me off even more than the snails- I mean... gastropods.

 I have some great soft glass that is called periwinkle.  And I think someone's pet should have that name.  It sounds happy, doesn't it?  Let me know what I forgot.  And of course if you have a link (rated G) please post that too.  The word of the day is...periwinkle.