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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Inspiration Versus Copying In Every Industry

I was reading Refinery29's daily fashion page, when I saw their post about Justin Bieber's new perfume, "Someday", which is pictured above.  It's a sweet little container, and I can just picture the many tween fans thinking that its little red heart is so perfect.

But the email was asking, is this a rip-off from Marc Jacob's Lola perfume's packaging?  Here it is.

I'm not exactly sure.  I do see similarities, but the question reminds me of beadmaking or any other artistic endeavor's age old question...what is inspiration versus copying or a knockoff?  If the rule of thumb is three things need to be obviously different, I see that right away.  But I also see the obvious similarities too. 

So, I'm asking you.  How would you call this one?