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Monday, May 23, 2011

Last Day in Town...What Would You Do?

An Atlanta blog had a hypothetical question... if it were your last day in your home town, what would you do?

There were a lot of responses about fantastic dining, and perhaps swimming with the fish at the Atlanta Aquarium, (it's all imaginary, anyhow).  So I started wondering, what would I want to do?

Decisions are tough.  But I do know one thing.  I would want to see an outdoor concert at one of our smaller venues, like the one pictured, Chastain Amphitheater.  I know it's not the most up to date, but I love the small, intimate feel.

In fact, just Saturday night, I was lucky to see Paul Simon with my family.  It was my ultra perfect Mothers Day gift- as he had been one of my top three that I wanted to see in concert.

It kind made a full circle.  You see, I saw him with Garfunkel when I was a kid before they were really famous.  They were playing in a University of Connecticut field out of a small trailer.  It's quite a memory that I hold dear.  My first concert ever.  And of course, I was hooked.

Another place I'd go one more time, is FlameTree Glass near my house.  Lance and Maureen McRorie always treat us so nicely and maybe one more class from Lance to help me make better marbles.

So tell me- where do you live- and what would be on your list of last day in town list?