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Monday, May 24, 2010

Sparky's Home!

It's my birthday today. Yep, not the easiest thing to admit, but I'm really old.

And I really had only one wish for my birthday gift. I wanted my family to be all together for it. But that's a big wish, because my daughter, Sparky, seems to be traveling most of the year.

From working in Antarctica, to visiting New Zealand, Tasmania, Australia, Japan and then biking in Hawaii, she was gone about 9 months and just returned. The last time I had seen her was about last June.

Quite honestly, that's kind of hard on a Mom. So I am absolutely delighted that she's home. . Woohoo! The family is complete. Now all I want is a little cake (coconut, if I'm lucky) and ice cream and all is complete.

See you tomorrow...because the rest of today I'm celebrating!